Back in Business!

As you can see from scrolling down through the home page, I have not posted since Christmas Through Lowell last year. It has been a busy year!

Kalee Kreations had to take a break from work to focus on baking and caring for this little cupcake. 🙂

Eliana Cupcake 2

She is a delight and joy! Now that we have reached six months old, we think we can handle getting back to business. Grandmas may just have to come watch her on our really busy days. Trust me – they don’t mind. 🙂

Another reason we took a break from work was to move from Wyoming to Rockford temporarily and then permanently to Lowell. So to get back in business and celebrate moving to Lowell we are going to participate in Christmas Through Lowell again this year. Come to the same place – Hilton Treasures (#36) at 3825 Hilton Ave SE.

Stop by to grab a delicious cupcake or chocolate treat! We are featuring two of our cupcake flavors – Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Chocolate & Mint Lovers – along with a few other yummy chocolate treats.

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