Cook & Freeze Workshops

At the end of last year, we started a new cooking venture here at Kalee Kreations – Cook & Freeze Workshops.

Here’s how it works. We plan the meals, do all the shopping for ingredients and supplies, and do a little bit of pre-workshop food prep. All you do is register, show up, pay, do some food prep, a little cooking and then assemble and package one breakfast dish, 8 main dishes and one dessert to take home and stash in your freezer! It’s a group effort to prep, cook and assemble the meals, so you may only work on part of the meals but go home with all.¬†

Sound good? The workshops are 3 to 4 hours and you’ll go home with nine meals and one dessert to put in your freezer, cooking instructions and recipes for all. Each workshop is maxed out at 6 participants.

Workshops typically cost around $100. Price varies based on menu. More meat intensive workshops will be higher in cost. Looking ahead, we are hoping to do a grill-ready workshop and gluten-free workshop.

There is some flexibility with the choice of meals. You can pick up to 2 entrees to not make and then double up on up to 2 entrees. The meals you double up on will still be packaged separately so they are considered two meals.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for upcoming workshops!

Here’s a sample menu…

The workshop menu is:

Breakfast Burritos – 8 individual servings – Sausage, Egg and Cheese burritos are a quick and easy on-the-go breakfast.

White Chicken Chili – 6 servings – Made in your slow cooker with great northern beans – perfect for a cold winter night.

Chicken Pot Pie – 8 servings – The ultimate comfort food!

Chicken Parmesan Casserole – 4 servings – A twist on a classic that is super easy and delicious.

Lemon Pesto Chicken – 6 servings – Delicious chicken breasts baked with fresh lemon juice and pesto and topped with a bit of cheese.

Slow Cooker Beef Roast and Carrots – 6 servings – Slow cooked tender beef roast flavored with mesquite seasoning and sweetened with carrots.

Taco Rice Bake – 6-8 servings – Very versatile dish made with ground beef that can be eaten as is or made into a burrito or salad.

Sausage with Peppers & Onions – 6 servings – Simple and delicious slow cooker meal with smoked sausage and veggies cooked with fire-roasted tomatoes and a hint of Cajun seasoning.

Honey Soy Pork Loin – 6 servings – Slow cooked pork loin full of flavor from the honey, soy and steak seasoning sauce.

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies – 2 dozen – Take home flash frozen cookie dough balls to bake later into moist, chocolatey circles of goodness.